Upcycling Spectrophotometers. Achieving CLARiTY.

There are better known companies, but not better made spectrophotometers

Demonstrating the CLARiTY CCD at the Fall ACS meeting in Philadelphia

Dr. Kyril Solntsev demonstrates the power of the CLARiTY CCD UV/Vis to interested investigators at the recent American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia.

ACS 2016 booth in action

Two new CLARiTY Publications in BioTechniques & Molecular Vision

Rapid and sensitive quantitation of heme in hemoglobinized cells

BioTechniques 61:83-91 (August 2016)

Jason R. Marcero, Robert B. Piel III, Joseph S. Burch, and Harry A. Dailey

Dailey spectra 8.2016

Pump-probe paradigm in an integrating cavity to study photodecomposition processes

Molecular Vision 2016; 22:953-958

Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez, Brandi Betts-Obregon, Andrew T. Tsin, and Richard J. DeSa

Federico spectra 2016

OLIS Research Scientist, Kyril Solntsev, presented CLARiTY data at the 7th Southeast Enzyme Conference

Kyril poster SEC 2016