JBC 2015 from owner of first CLARiTY

Three proteins are followed in living cells. When in relationship with each other, they  function entirely differently  than studies in isolation suggest. Bam.  The Multicenter Aerobic Iron Respiratory Chain of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Functions as an Ensemble with a Single Macroscopic…

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The week ahead

We have a busy week scheduled. Kyle, a grad student at UNL in Prof Parkhurst's lab, will arrive with human red blood cells to analyze on a CLARiTY 1000 with OxyDye. And, I'll be attending a regional biophysical meeting in…

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Julie’s first entry!

Welcome to the new www.OLISweb.com site! This site is connected to www.olisclarity.com, so you might find yourself moving between the two websites as you navigate through our product line. The previous olisweb.com had 20 years worth of information; this one…

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