OLIS Titrator Series
Perfect Titrations into any type of cuvette

With considerable effort, one can do precise titration studies by hand. Or, one can let the OLIS titrators do the technician’s work over and over again, perfectly.


Protein folding/unfolding
Equilibrium ligand binding experiments
Acid/Base titrations

Two Syringe Model

With the two syringe Olis titrator, “sample” and “titrant” could be protein and protein, protein and denaturant, DNA and protein, or any other pairing.

Four Syringe Model

With the four syringe OLIS titrator, volumes from syringes 1, 2, and 3 are mixed in the mixing valve and volume of syringe 4 is mixed further down the line, nearer the measuring cuvette. Thus, the appropriate mixture of inhibitor, substrate and buffer is prepared and then, right before the mixture shoots into the measuring cuvette, the reactant— the enzyme—is added, too.

Client Publications

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