Auxiliary Mixing Accessory

Use this optional accessory with the Olis® USA Stopped-Flow for those cases wherein one of the reagents (A or B) is unstable and decays after preparation. The Auxiliary Mixer (AM) is used to prepare the unstable mixture which will subsequently be mixed with reagent C. Upon flow and mixing, this A+B flows directly into one of the drive syringes of the stopped-flow via a reservoir port. That is, the reagent for the Olis USA Stopped-Flow’s syringe 1 comes from the Auxiliary Mixer, with syringe 1 acting as the ‘stopping syringe’ for the AM. After loading the USA Stopped-Flow’s syringe 1 with the AB mixture produced by the AM, and syringe 2 already containing reagent C, the stopped-flow is fired in the usual way to create the (A+B) + C mixture. These two syringes, one contains (A+B) at some age, and the second containing C, are fired together, mixed, and observed. That is, the AM unit acts as a means to load a syringe with a newly created mix­ture. Then, the Olis USA Stopped-Flow is used in the normal way, with one of its reagents incidentally having come from the AM. Multiple stopped-flow runs can be performed; their repetition rate (and thus the age of the (A+B) mixture) is limited only by the time required to collect the data for each shot.

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