Cell Holders

We have cuvette holders for single and multiple cells, ambient and thermostated, rectangular and cylindrical:


Jacketed Cuvette Holder
The standard Olis cell holder is machined brass with channeling throughout for fluid concentration around the cuvette from a water bath. The 1 cm² holder removes easily to allow use of the Olis USA stopped-flow, QNW Turret 450, or other sample holder. An optional magnetic stir block fits within the holder. Ports on all sides of the sample compartment support the addition of secondary detectors and/or actinic sources.


Four Position Cell Changer for Absorbance and Fluorescence
This four position cell holder employs a linear shuffling mechanism along with a diagonal geometry which permits use with both absorbance and fluorescence. The design provides access to clear apertures on all four sides of the cell. Also included are provisions for magnetic stirring of all four cell holders and temperature control of the entire unit by means of external circulating water.  Purchase of this unit would include enhanced features in the software to support motorized movement of the cell changer.


Hanging Cuvette Holder
Jacketed sample and reference cuvette holders are mounted to the underside of the sample compartment lid and water lines are provided for temperature control. The sample cuvette holder has windows on all four sides to allow passage of a flash beam and a measuring beam. A round opening in the lid above each cuvette holder allows easy access for inserting and removing sample cuvettes; round plastic lids slip over each of the access holes.


Long Pathlength Cell Holder
The newest cell holder accessory features up to 20 cm of pathlength and easily adjusts for variability.


CD Jacketed Cuvette Holder
The standard Olis CD cell holder is machined brass with channeling throughout for fluid concentration around the cuvette from a water bath.


TLC 50 Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder
Quantum Northwest makes a beautiful cell holder with built-in temperature regulator. The device is exceedingly fast (5-85° in under 5 minutes) and just as remarkably, the conductivity is so good that the sample lags only by a little. The original holder is for 1 cm² cuvettes.

Olis is in cooperation with Quantum Northwest now about making holders for cylindrical CD cuvettes, too. The price for the thermoelectric device, with cell holder, and heat exchange unit (the Olis Closed Cycle Cooling Box) is approximately 1.5 times higher than the water bath option to use with our jacketed cell holders or with jacketed cuvettes.


The LC 600™ Temperature-Controlled 6-Position Linear Changer
Quantum Northwest makes the LC 600™ for use in absorbance spectrophotometers (including circular dichroism). Magnetic stirring is provided under each cuvette and a dry gas purge may be used to dry gas on the cuvette windows to prevent condensation when working at low temperatures. The LC 600™ also features rapid, precise Peltier control over a wide range of temperatures, variable speed magnetic stirring under each cuvette, dry gas purge, optional remote computer control, and the TC 125 temperature-controller.


Peltier Twin Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder
Based on the TLC-50 from Quantum Northwest, this device is designed to be used with Olis® computerized Aminco DW-2 and DW-2000 spectrophotometers.


Turret 450 Peltier-controlled Four Position Turret
From the Quantum Northwest website: “Place up to four cuvettes in the TURRET 450 at once, stir and precisely maintain the temperature of each solution. Eliminate oxygen from around the cuvettes. Automate the process of background subtraction or the collection of instrument response functions. Important properties of molecules are dependent on temperature. Provide the temperature control and environment your samples need to make the most of your fluorescence measurements.”

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