Nanomolar sensitivity, complete immunity to scatter, and NIR ready

The choice for gold & silver nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, fruit, meat, plant tissue, and more.

Easily repurposed as a premium UV/Vis/NIR (185-2600 nm) for absorbance and/or circular dichroism.

Spectrophotometer of the Gods!

– Douglas Campbell, Mt. Allison University


Spectral Range = 240 – 800 nm

Scan at rates to 20 nm/ second

Fully adjustable slit widths during scan

Detection limit of 8 x 10-6 AU

Reconfigurable to the OLIS DSM 17 CD and the OLIS 17 UV/Vis/NIR

Footprint 47” x 27” x 19”

Need to measure O2

We are capable of adding oxygen measurement enhancements to any OLIS spectrophotometer.

Available enhancements also include Visible & NIR fluorescence detection, oxygen monitoring, actinic source, novel DSPCs, automatic titrator, and stopped-flow.

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