UV/Vis Post-Reductionist Spectroscopy System

The CLARiTY VF capitalizes on 50 years of efforts employing integrating cavities. This spectrophotometer has performance characteristics which allow you to study samples in their native or near-native state.  Employs tungsten & deuterium lamps as the excitation source and a single grating monochromator with sensitive, single beam photon counting detection.


Protein characterization
Chlorophyll measurement
Oxygen-Hemoglobin dissociation curves
Nanoparticle characterization
Mitochondria metabolism
Microbe metabolism

Technical Specifications

Spectral range 230 – 870 nm

Fixed wavelength readings at rates to 100Hz;
scan rates to approximately 20 nm/second

Brilliant light throughput from tungsten & deuterium lamps

Footprint 16″ x 10″ x 6″

Upgradable to support:

Peltier temperature control

Need to measure O2?

We are capable of adding oxygen measurement enhancements to any OLIS spectrophotometer.

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