Computerized HP 8452 diode array

Fully turnkey workstation consists of the HP 8452 diode array spectrophotometer, a modern USB to GPIB interface adapter cable, an Olis verified and supported computer (desktop or laptop), and the highly useful Olis SpectralWorks data acquisition/ instrument control and data analysis software.


General purpose UV/Vis scanning,
Kinetic Reactions up to 10 scans per second

Technical Specifications

Single beam

Deuterium lamp

190 – 820 nm

2 nm resolution

Faster rate of 10 scans per second over a span up to 70 nm

Accessory Options

Multi-cell transport, original HP

Peltier cell holder, brand new QNW

Water bath, brand new Julabo

Titrator, OLIS 2 and 4 syringe models

Stopped-flow, choose pedagogical or research grade

Need to measure O2?

We are capable of adding oxygen measurement enhancements to any OLIS spectrophotometer.

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