DB 620 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Tiny. Stable. Robust. Modular.


Constructed around the OLIS Hummingbird, this model spectrophotometer was designed for high speed photolysis kinetic studies, but also is ideally suited for lengthy thermal melts and equilibrium studies.


Kinetic Studies up to 20 MHz,
General UV/Vis scanning 200 – 800 nm,
Fixed wavelength stopped-flow

Technical Specifications

200 – 800 nm is standard, yet other regions are available

75W Xenon arc lamp in elliptical housing

Hummingbird double grating monochromator

Kinetics at fixed wavelength  to a point per 50 nsec
(1000 pts per 0.5 millisecond)

Common Accessory options

Laser, Flash, LED, or other actinic source

Peltier cell holder

Need to measure Stopped Flow Kinetics?

Consider adding Stopped Flow capabilities to your DB 620. Click to learn more about what Stopped Flow can do for your research.

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