Olis Magnet for MCD

A powerful, 1.4 Tesla permanent magnetic enclosure designed to accomodate standard cuvettes.


“The data are still wonderful and the magnet is certainly worth its weight in the considerable number of dollars it costs (not cheap…but it does a great job). As far as I can tell it doens’t interfere with the Jasco [CD] at all.”

Martin Stillman, University of Western Ontario

Sample MCD Data and Magnetic Force Orientations

MCD Forward Collection


MCD spectrum collected from an 0.1 mg/mL sample of indole in water, 1 mm pathlength cuvette, with the Olis permanent magnet in the forward position.


Reversing the Olis Magnet
The relationship of the lines of magnetic force relative to the meauring beams can be reversed by simply turning the magnet in its base.

MCD Reverse Collection


MCD spectrum of the identical indole sample after the Olis magnet was rotated 180°, so that the magnet is now in the reverse position.


Data Subtracted


The result of subtracting digitally the reverse data from the forward data in order to cancel the normal CD and produce the 2MCD spectrum.


Useful Results, Consistently
Five overlayed MCD scans utilizing the DSM 1000 CD spectrophotometer with Olis Magnet are shown to illustrate the reproducibility of the data and stability of the measurement.
Total time for scanning was 50 minutes.

Client Publications

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