DSM 172 CD Spectrophotometer
DSM 172

The Olis DSM 172 CD system is an extremely versatile spectrophotometer which can be configured for circular dichroism (CD), scanning emission fluorescence, polarization of fluorescence (POF), circularly polarized luminescence (CPL), or fluorescence detected CD (FDCD). The sample compartment is the “Polarization Toolbox,” which uniquely offers the freedom to position the polarizers and photoelastic modular not only for CD but in those positions supporting anisotropy. These secondary measurements support study of the molecules in their excited state using an electro-optical method which acquires L-format polarization of fluorescence and anisotropy directly without G-factor corrections, as well as fluorescence detected circular dichroism (FDCD).


Spectral scan & kinetic circular dichroism
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence intensity
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence anisotropy
Spectral scan & kinetic circularly polarized luminescence
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence detected circular dichroism

Technical Specifications 

Supports CD, fluorescence, and anisotropy

Standard Range: 185-850 nm

No calibration, no drift, flat baseline

Linearity over 7 orders of magnitude 

Collection Rates: up to 1000 points per second

Premium prism+grating Cary 14/17 monochromator 

Accessory Choices Include


Peltier temperature control

Automated sample turret

Solid sample holder


Automated titrator

Flash Photolysis

1.4 T magnet for MCD 

Need to perform thermal melts?

Add the CD 250 Peltier Cell Holder for fast and reliable temperature control!

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