OLIS 14F UV/Vis/NIR Fluorimeter & Spectrophotometer
A multiple purpose dual beam spectrophotometer useful for absorbance and fluorescence measurements in the UV, Visible, and NIR regions. True dual beam absorbance acquisition with prism + grating F/8 monochromator using photomultiplier tubes throughout UV/Vis region and PbS detector throughout NIR.   Scanning excitation and emission measurements are supported.  Fluorescence detection is with a sensitive photon counting device in the UV/Vis and a TE-cooled InGaAs in the NIR.


  • Characterization of nanoparticles, Quantum dots, & Semiconductors
  • High resolution UV/Vis/NIR absorbance & fluorescence
  • Scanning Excitation-Emission Matrices
  • Characterization of filters, coatings, and optical components


Technical Specifications

230 – 1650 nm in fluorescence

185 – 2600 nm in absorbance

Double beam from prism + grating excitation monochromator

Exchangeable Tungsten & Xenon arc lamps

Exchangeable scanning UV/Vis and NIR emission modules

< 0.0001 % Stray Light

Common Accessory Options

Extended range detector for NIR emission to 2500 nm

Specular Reflectance Accessory

Circular Dichroism Module

Titrator for precise mixing

Stopped-flow for fast kinetic reactions

Integrating Sphere for Diffuse Reflectance

Need to measure polarization of fluorescence?

Add a Polarization Toolbox to your OLIS 14F. Click to learn more about the Polarization Toolbox and how it can help further your research efforts.

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