The OLIS Integrating Sphere

This Olis 14 Diffuse Reflectance model is being used in a long term human study of renal dialysis patients by a group of vision and kidney researchers at the University of Ottawa who are developing a novel technique to rapidly recognize patterns in whole blood by measuring how it absorbs light at many different wavelengths.


Scattering Transmission Spectroscopy
Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

The instrument is capable of simultaneous transmittance and diffuse reflectance measurements in the 185 – 2600 nm range; it also has the capability of measuring forward and backward scatter from whole blood samples by strategic positioning of the sample holders.


Reference position, North Pole of sphere


Sample position, South Pole of sphere

Dr. Robert Glaum at the University of Bonn uses this Olis 14 Diffuse Reflectance model to characterize transition metal ions in powder form. The Olis 14 Infrasil optical system with the Olis Module for Diffuse Reflectance studies of powder samples includes a sphere with separate sample and reference vesicles (pictured above) to support dual beam diffuse reflectance measurements in the 225 – 3000 nm range.

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