Modernized Cary 14 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer
Olis 14 Oct 2009

Premium quality optical system built around the most respected and admired monochromator of the last 60 years.  True dual beam absorbance spectrophotometer with a prism+grating monochromator using a photomultiplier tube throughout the UV/Vis region and a PbS detector throughout the NIR.  Includes automatic lamp and detector changeover facilities for moving between deuterium and tungsten lamps, and between PMT and PbS detectors at user selectable wavelengths.  Frequently employed in fluorescence, reflectance, and CD spectroscopy systems.


High resolution UV/Vis/NIR scanning.

Diffuse & Specular reflectance of liquid, solid, and powder samples.

Characterization of filters, coatings, and optical components.

Technical Specifications 

185-2600 nm

Double beam

Prism+grating monochromator (automatic handling of second order light without filters)

Tungsten & Deuterium lamps

Angstrom spectral resolution

< 0.0001% Stray Light

Available Upgrades

Fluorescence scanning (NIR compatible)

Circular Dichroism Module (NIR compatible)

Integrating Sphere for reflectance measurements

Vertex Specular Reflectance Accessory

Stopped flow for fast kinetic reactions

Titrator for precise mixing capabilities

Why use the OLIS 14?

Premium quality optical system with angstrom resolution and low stray light

Continuously adjustable slits allow for constant bandwidth scanning across full 185-2600 nm range

Modular configuration supports upgrades to many secondary applications

Rugged construction with potential for multiple decades of service

Need to measure specular reflectance?

We are capable of adding specular reflectance capabilities to this unit. Click to learn more about our Variable Angle Cell Holder.

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