Modernized SLM Series

OLIS has offered a modernization procedure for the premium quality SLM SPF-500, 4800, 8000, 8100 spectrofluorimeters since the mid 1980s. The modernization adds decades of reliable operation from an excellent optical bench. The decision to modernize is not a stop-gap solution to tide one over until sufficient funds become available for a ‘new’ instrument but is a far superior solution which happens to cost less.

The modernization can be done in the laboratory or at the Olis facility; we decide together which makes more sense for a given situation. The process involves the addition of Olis electronics, which allow bypassing all SLM electronics, and the interface of the computer hardware and software. The process takes no more than a few hours, followed by an in-house demonstration of how to use the new equipment.

 We leave when everyone is comfortable operating the machine, handling routine maintenance, and doing basic diagnostics.

Why modernize?

The instrument produces the desired optical performance, but the aging electronics are causing downtime and/or are becoming irreparable. To throw out the optical performance with the aging electronics is to waste the more valuable part of the workstation. Recall, what ages or damages optics (mirrors and gratings) are ozone, organic solvents, dirt, and scratches. To protect optics from these aging agents, SLM used sealed metal boxes.

Sample handling accessories, such as a stopped-flow or multiposition cell holder, can be computerized and controlled, too. If accessories are not available, but are needed, Olis offers a complete line for stopped-flow mixing, flash/ laser photolysis, automatic titration, photon counting, and polarization of fluorescence work.

The hardware Olis adds includes the most simple, modern, and dependable electro-mechanical components, plus the newest Pentium computer, laser or color printer, and interface hardware.

Other than obvious TLC, these components require no attention and minimal maintenance. If or when issues do arise, OLIS provides free support and diagnostic assistance. Repair and replacement of components after the first year warranty period are available at cost.

The software we add is trouble-free. The controlling Olis SpectralWorks software is used for everything from setting wavelengths to fitting 3D results. The software can be used by all skill-level users.

The behind-the-scenes ASSEMBLY code for instrument control and data acquisition is what makes the simplicity and resulting reliability of the electromechanical hardware possible. The software provides full control over the monochromators, supports spectral and kinetic data collection, data analysis, and data synthesis; if a facility is needed in the research or pedagogical environment, it will be found in this comprehensive software package. Some novel facilities in the software include:

  • OLIS software includes the proprietary method of successive integration for resolving polyexponential data; since this method is five times faster than the classic Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, it is the method of choice (we include both methods).

  • Olis software includes the proprietary method of Matheson-DeSa for globally analyzing kinetic and equilibrium data; this method employs Singular Value Decomposition, Downhill Simplex, and Matrix Exponentiation for extraordinary speed, precision, and power in analyzing data collected as a function of time, temperature, concentration, or other process.

  • OLIS software supports secondary devices, such as photon counting, stopped-flow and laser firing, and multiple position cell holders.

  • OLIS offers options for import/export of ASCII files for use when the OLIS algo­rithms and graphics with data collected from non-OLIS controlled instrument

Our place or yours?

The only advantage of doing the work in your laboratory is your convenience of not being without the instrument. The advantages of doing the work at the Olis facility should justify the minor inconvenience of being without the instrument for a brief time:

1) Highly trained Olis technicians who have done many modernizations are responsible.

2) These technicians, who have years of experience, are working in an ideal atmosphere, not in a laboratory.

3) All resources of the Olis facility can be used to achieve optimal cleaning, calibration and certification of the optical components.

4) At our facility, our technicians have the full capability for resolution of any unforseen problem, whether related to optics, motors, cables, or any other component issue.

5) Upon arrival and upon departure, your instrument will be photographed, so that our support staff will know exactly what you have and what we provided for most effective and efficient technical support in the years to come.

6) Knowing exactly what you have, we are best able to provide proper documentation.

7) The complete and integrated modernized system will be returned to you in a custom-made wood crate, ensuring that all components tested here will be delivered there.

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