DSM 20 CD Spectrophotometer

Tiny. Modern. Modular.


The DSM 20 CD is built around our subtractive double grating Hummingbird monochromator. For Olis clients who want the closest to “conventional” CDs, this is the model of choice


Protein Secondary structure analysis,
Protein folding analysis,
Nucleic Acid, RNA, & DNA studies,
All chiral molecule studies.

Technical Specifications:

Direct acquisition of abs(L) and abs(R)

Single and Dual Beam absorbance and circular dichroism

Standard Range: 170 – 700 nm
Alternative Range: 500 – 1700 nm

No calibration, no drift, flat baseline

Linearity over 5 orders of magnitude

Subtractive double grating Hummingbird monochromator for homogenous measuring beam (preferred for heterogeneous samples,  such as membrane proteins and crystals)

Ozone producing 150W Xenon arc lamp in an elliptical mirrored housing; substitution with other source easily implemented by Olis staff or laboratory members

Upgradable to Support:

Thermal studies with single or multiple position Peltier cell holders

CD stopped-flow

Magnetic CD using tiny 1.4 Tesla permanent magnet

Fluorescence Detected CD

Scanning absorbance and fixed wavelength stopped-flow

Scanning fluorescence and fixed wavelength emission stopped-flow

Need to perform thermal melts?

Add the CD 250 Peltier Cell holder for fast and reliable temperature control.

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