OLIS FMX-2 Fast Mixer

This integrated mixing and data acquisition system is perfect for teaching and research laboratories that have a need for faster mixing than manual pipette injection, but cannot justify the need or cost for a “stopped-flow.”


Kinetic Measurements,
Chemical Education

Technical Specifications

Dead time: 0.2 s

Maximum rate: 2 s-1 

Minimum volume: 1mL (per shot)

Cell volume: 113 μL

Cell pathlength: 4 mm

Syringe Ratio: 1:1

Chemical resistance: Acids, bases, aqueous salts, organic solvents

Operating Pressure: 50 psi

The Olis FMX-2 features a flow cell compartment that fits the HP 8452 diode array system. The FMX-2 is pneumatically driven and fired manually, so that the accessory can be used with spectrometers with or without Olis data acquisition software.

A rotating stop turret supports multiple repeat shots with user-adjusted volume. Three reagent syringes are used: two drive syringes are mounted vertically and a third syringe is attached to a T-mixer. This design allows one to wash the flow cell using the third syringe or load a third solution as a baseline while keeping the reagents preloaded in the drive syringes.

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