OLIS Immobilized Enzyme Assay Device

Primary application: Characterization of immobilized enzymes.

Immobilized  enzymes are used in a wide variety of modern technologies, including biosensors, food production and drug manufacturing.

As opposed to free enzymes, immobilized enzymes are stable and can be easily separated from reaction products.

The Larachi laboratory of the University of Laval commissioned us to create a device for working with immobilized enzymes.  This “Immoblized Enzyme Assay Device” includes a simple LED sourced spectrometer and a continuous flow titrator, as well as a unique flow through sample holder which houses a removable tube coated with the immoblized enzymes.
The IEAD will be used to determine kinetic parameters of enzymes as they are flushed with substrates, inhibitors, and other reagents from the titrator.

This device provides a simple and relatively inexpensive means of directly studying enzymes bound to PVC and other hard surfaces.

The OLIS IEAD is small, only 6.5 inches by 13 inches. The control box measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Configuration includes:

  • LED based Olis Spectrometer
  • Customized Reaction initiator
  • Olis Control box
  • Computer can be a tower or laptop
  • Olis SpectralWorks software

The original design includes 400 nm, 470 nm, and 590 nm LEDs.  Employing LEDs is much more cost effective than using a broad band light source and wavelength selection (i.e., filter or monochromator) and is easy to adapt to different experimental cases.

LEDs are available for many wavelengths and spectral ranges, with the variety continuing to expand.  In addition, a stable LED light source requires effectively no maintenance.

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