Olis Modernized Aminco™ DW-2 & DW-2000 Spectrophotometers

A modernized high quality UV/Vis spectrophotometer ideally suited for monitoring turbid samples (e.g., suspensions of tissue, mitochondria suspensions, liposomes, microbial suspensions, and other particulate matter).


UV/Vis absorbance reading from scattering samples
Characterization of mitochondria & cytochrome P450
Study of plant & tissue suspensions

Technical Specifications

Dual wavelength

190 – 900 nm

< 0.3 nm resolution

2 single grating monochromators

Deuterium and Tungsten lamps

Large, end-on PMT detector

Common Accessory Options

Dual Peltier Cell Holder

Dewar Flask

Magnetic Stirring Accessory

Fluorescence Accessory


Water bath

Need to measure O2?

We are capable of adding oxygen measurement enhancements to any OLIS spectrophotometer.

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