OLIS Polarization Toolbox

A modern marvel of simplicity, functionality, and value, the Olis Polarization Toolbox supports collection of anistropy, circularly polarized luminescence, and fluorescence detected circular dichroism.


Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence intensity
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence anisotropy
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence polarization
Spectral scan & kinetic circularly polarized luminescence
Spectral scan & kinetic fluorescence detected circular dichroism

Technical Specifications

Compatible for use with a full range of light sources, including LED, tungsten, deuterium, xenon arc, laser, etc.

Excitation wavelength range is dependent on chosen light source

Scanning is supported when monochromators are available (single or doubles can be used)

Maximum collection rate to 100 msec/ point (all measurements except fluorescence intensity)

Maximum collection rate to 0.5 usec/ point for fluorescence intensity

Filter or monochromator based wavelength selection

Accessory Choices Include

Stopped-flow (with PEM versions)

Peltier temperature control

Automated sample turret

Solid sample holder

CD and ORD (with detector addition)


Automated titrator

Flash photolysis (with PEM versions)

1.4 T magnet for MCD and MCPL

Learn more about fluorescence measurement

Visit Hind Instruments’ website for a detailed breakdown of the science behind Fluorescence Anisotropy and Polarization 


The DM 45 Series

As a research-quality scanning spectrofluorimeter, the DM 45 is equally at home in research and pedagogical environments.
The DM 45 features open and obvious architecture making it particularly friendly for students experimenting and learning about fluorescence related techniques

DSM 172

The DSM 172

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