Olis RSM 1000 UV/Vis Rapid-Scanning Spectrophotometer

The Olis RSM 1000 spectrophotometer has been the first choice of top research labs involved in kinetic studies such as stopped-flow and laser/flash photolysis.  With a routine scan rate of 1,000 scans per second, this premium quality instrument makes child’s play of challenging studies which otherwise would require tens or hundreds of experiments to duplicate.  Choose among absorbance, fluorescence, and circular dichroism models.


Stopped Flow
Laser Photolysis

Technical Specifications

DeSa Subtractive Double Grating Monochromator with Moving Intermediate Slit

75 or 150 watt Xenon arc lamp

Two 50 mm gratings, blazed at the wavelength to suit your spectral range requirements

ScanDisk, interchangeable with StepDisk, useful for fixed wavelength and normal scan rates

Sample chamber, choose stopped-flow, CD, CLARiTY, or other

Two photomultiplier tubes, two InGaAs, or both pairs

Need to measure Stopped Flow Kinetics?

Consider adding Stopped Flow capabilities to your RSM 1000. Click to learn more about what Stopped Flow can do for your research. 

46 points on the uniqueness of the Olis RSM 1000

Read about the remarkable performance capabilities of the RSM 1000

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