The DM 45 Spectrofluorimeter

As a research-quality scanning spectrofluorimeter, the DM 45 is equally at home in research and pedagogical environments.
The DM 45 features open and obvious architecture making it particularly friendly for students experimenting and learning about fluorescence related techniques


Excitation and emission scanning,
Synchronous scanning,
Excitation/emission matrix,
Slow ( > 10 msec per point) kinetic reactions,
Single point intensity measurements

Technical Specifications:

75W Xenon arc lamp (150W option available)

Excitation Range: 250 nm-800 nm, extendible in both directions with an ozone lamp

Detection: photon-counting 230- 870 nm

Spectral Bandwidth: 0.5- 25.0 nm

Scan Speed: 2000 nm/min

Raman S/N: 2200
(75W lamp, 1 sec integration, 5 nm bandpass)

Upgradable to Support:

Stopped-flow (< 2 millisecond dead time)

Anisotropy, circularly polarized luminescence, and fluorescence detected circular dichroism (all with the addition of a Polarization Toolbox!)

Peltier Temperature Control

Automated turret for four samples

Solid sample holder

Cryogenic sample holder

Automated titrator

Absorbance, single and dual beam

NIR extension up to 2500 nm

Flash photolysis
(data collection rates up to 50 nsec per point)

Need to measure the polarization of fluorescence data?

Add the Polarization Toolbox to your equipment. Click to learn more about the Polarization Toolbox.

DM 245

The DM 245 features a double grating excitation monochromator which makes it upgradeable to Absorbance, Circular Dichroism, and CLARiTY. Because of the double grating optics, the sensitivity is lower than the DM 45, however it is a more flexible model with lower stray light.

SM 45K

To study microsecond fluorescence lifetimes of metal ligand complexes, we designed a single monochromator system with high sensitivity. This elegantly simple device allows the investigator to mount a suitable excitation source laser, LED, pulse lamp, other at the sample compartment. This group at Furman needed a cryogenic flask chamber, as shown here.

Compare the Olis DM 45 and the Varian/Cary Eclipse™ Fluorimeter

Learn about the many advantages of choosing the Olis DM 45

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