Upcycled HP 8453 diode array
OLIS-upcycled HP 8453
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Replace ChemStation with OlisWorks and enjoy all the benefits of a fast, easy to use data acquisition program in a Windows® 7/10 platform.  Data export directly into Excel® or Olis GlobalWorks.  Treats a family of spectra as a single file for easy handling and processing of 3D data.


Gives the aged HP 8453 a new, simple to use interface
Utilizes the LAN connection
No hardware changes are made
Continued support by OLIS
Future software upgrades are optional, not mandatory

Technical Specifications

Single beam

Deuterium & Tungsten lamps

190 – 1100 nm

1 nm resolution

Faster rate of 10 scans per second over a span up to 100 nm

Data Collection Modes

Single Wavelength Assay

Multiple Wavelength Assay

Single & Repeated Scans

Continuous Scans

Rapid Scanning

Need to measure O2?

We are capable of adding oxygen measurement enhancements to any OLIS spectrophotometer.

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