Vertex™ Specular Reflectance Variable Angle Cell Holder

This animation shows the computerized Vertex™ operational in a Cary™ 14 sample chamber.

The Vertex™ Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory by CIC Photonics has been designed to permit measurements of the reflectance of a solid sample material while varying the angle of incidence (AOI) of the source illumination. This is accomplished by simultaneously rotating the sample and a fixed mirror about a point coincident with both planes. The AOI on the sample varies inversely with that on the mirror; the net result is minimal translation of the beam and constant pathlength.

Olis has developed a computerized modification of the Vertex accessory to be utilized with Olis Spectrophotometers.

Some photos of a computerized Vertex™ installed in the sample chamber of an Olis modernized Cary™ 14 spectrophotometer.

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