Chris Wilson

Senior Programmer

Start Date: 1998

Favorite instrument: Cary 14

Chris Wilson came to us with a modest resume but a passion for programming. He was writing code “since my pre-teen years, with no formal education.”

At Olis, Chris has implemented software control for many hardware devices, both third party (e.g., Julabo water bath, Quantum Northwest Peltier, and Avantes CMOS) and custom Olis products (our titrators, enzyme assay devices, the “ChainCounter,” and our Master Control Box).

In the last several years, most of Chris’ time is spent developing code for new FPGA (“field gated programmable array”) boards, with the goal of replacing effectively all of the PICS (Programmable Interrupt Controllers) with a single custom FPGA SOPC (System On Programmable Chip).

Thanks to Chris’ efforts, we are dramatically simplifying the hardware required in your Olis spectrophotometer, which will in turn, further enhance the already remarkably solid reliability. Chris is a central figure in our R&D team.