Dr. Dima Parul

Staff Scientist

Start Date: 2011


Dima joined Olis the summer of 2011 after completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University. Dima’s research focus began with studying enzyme kinetics in Minsk, where he earned is Ph.D. in 2001 from the International State Ecological University Sakharov. He went on to post-docs at Rice University with Marian Fabian and Los Alamos National Lab with Brian Dyer, where he expanded his research into protein folding. At Emory, still with Dyer, Dima worked as an instrumentalist.

As a member of the Olis R&D team, Dima performs in-house tests, reviews instrument configurations, troubleshoots tech support issues, conducts in-house and on-site installation and training sessions, and actively dialogues with the sales and marketing team.

In addition to a love for photography, Dima likes to travel and hike.