George J. Gavaghan


Start Date: 2008

George began his career as a software developer in 1991 after graduating from CPI. Hoping to find a company to settle down with, George worked ten years at Atlanta-based Atlantax before coming to Olis in 2008.

Since joining OLIS, he has spent a great deal of time catching up with everything “spectroscopy”. In the last three years, George has been involved in the development of several new and innovative devices and instruments such as the ‘Protein-Machine’ and the ‘ CLARiTY. ‘ The rapid development of these new instruments, combined with the ever increasing demands of our clients (both old and new), has prompted Olis to begin development on the next generation of software for both Data-Collection as well as Data-Processing. He is both excited and proud to be involved in the design and development of this new software, which will be used to operate and support OLIS Instruments in the coming years.

Being a programmer by nature (and not just by trade), George’s ‘free-time’ is largely spent working on side-projects, most notable of which is an AI project involving the electronic representation of thoughts, dubbed eThoughts.