Julie Ann DeSa Lorenz

CEO & Sales/Marketing Professional

Start-date: 1983

Favorite OLIS instrument: CLARiTY

As the daughter of our founder Dr. Richard J. DeSa, Julie’s memories of the company start at the beginning, with her father writing the software code and designing the circuit cards and her mother wiring these electronics cards, answering the phones, and typing (on a manual typewriter!) all letters, quotations, purchase orders, and invoices.

Julie earned her degree from the University of Georgia in English. When she went to work for Olis, the company was still being run out the DeSa household, employing former students, neighbors, and, of course, Julie! Her first tasks with Olis included answering phones, typing correspondence, and writing and editing manuals or other written material. In time, she began attending meetings and developing sales and marketing materials.

Today, Julie still loves her work and loves Olis products. She sees her co-workers as friends and family, and appreciates how the Olis team works in sync to create, assemble, computerize and program each unique instrument.

Her husband, Walt, is a biochemist and research at the University of Georgia. They share a home with a happy assortment of dogs, cats, chickens and Percherons.