Kristi Lind Folden

Sales & Marketing

Start Date: 2004

Kristi’s favorite instrument: Cary 14

Kristi comes to OLIS with a BSA in Biological Sciences (2001) and a MS in Human & Animal Toxicology (2003), both from the University of Georgia.

Kristi began her career at OLIS with the sales and marketing of our Vintage line of instrumentation including the Aminco, Cary, HP, PE, and SLM upgrades. Given her experience over the years with the Cary 14 & PE 983, Kristi has gravitated towards projects involving NIR, IR, reflectance, and more recently flash photolysis.

She and her husband David, a local teacher & coach, welcomed a precious son in July 2012.  Joshua has triumphed over many medical issues, battling through his first 5 months in the NICU.  His diagnoses include Gastroschisis, Short Bowel Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  At home, Kristi takes on the roles of nurse, therapist, and healthcare advocate in addition to Mom.