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“The files are fine and the OLIS conversion-Cary 14 runs as always – perfect. Thanks for your help.”

“I just wanted to let you know, I installed the new power supply you sent and the Olis DW2 is now working perfectly! Thank you very much for your help!! The service we received from you and your company was without a doubt the best service we have had from any company we have dealt with.”

“Your company probably has the very best service record of any I have ever dealt with, and your attention to detail is probably the very best too. It is an honor knowing you guys and a special treat having you as friends.”

“[You] did an outstanding job in the installation and basic training…we have already looked at peroxynitrite-mediated oxidation of dihrorhodamine with good results.”

“The TAs haven’t asked me for help except in the very beginning. My conclusions are that the Windows system is excellent for this application. We haven’t had to ask for anything from you guys. I haven’t gotten a chance to use the spectrometer in more sophisticated apps, so I can’t speak to this, but I am anxious to get around to working with the spec myself. You have happy customers here. Tell Paul Boxrud hello, it was great meeting him.”

“I love the instrument; I love the people.”

“You can go ahead and use my last email which is basically the highest praise the tech-support in any company can get. I have never seen an instrument getting fixed within 24 h including diagnosis of the problem and sending the replacement part.”

“First, let me emphasize that we have been extremely happy with the quality and speed of the service and the advice that we have been given by Olis over the years, and we are absolutely confident that we shall continue to feel the same way in the future.”

“No one provides better, more immediate technical support; and no other company is willing to change their software (or hardware) for single cases the way Olis does.”